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When clients think about booking family photos, an at-home session is not always a consideration.

When taking family photos comes to your mind, where do you usually picture them? A pretty park? On the beach at sunset? A cool urban location? Very few people consider their own home as a perfect backdrop. I’m here to tell you five reasons why you should consider an at-home session for your family next year.

family sits on the porch of their victorian home for at-home session

1. At-Home Sessions Are Totally Unique to Your Family

Okay, well *maybe* the family who lived in your house before you has had pictures taken there. But leaving them out of this, no one else has your home as their picture spot. Family photographers all have outdoor locations that have great light and a pretty backdrop to suggest but they usually don’t have that special connection that you have to your own home. I know what you’re thinking- my house isn’t pretty! There’s that project that’s been half completed for a year! I promise you that my photographer eye sees your home differently than you do. There will be one room (or two, or three!) that has good light to work with. My job is to find the beauty in your everyday. After all, your home is where you are raising this beautiful family and it should be celebrated!

black and white portraits of family taken in their home on a window seat
mother holds son lap on window seat during at-home family photography session

2. Children Are More Comfortable At Home.

There’s no doubt about it that a child’s home is their safe place. It’s the spot they know better than anywhere else. If you have a kid who is slow to warm up to new people and new places, having family pictures taken at home is a no-brainer. Instead of them being out of their element AND being asked to participate in a family photo session, you’re keeping them in their element and comfort zone. Kids are quick to warm up to me and my camera when they can show me their room and toys and their favorite spots in the backyard or on their front porch.

little boy smiles for camera sitting on front steps

3. The Convenience Factor

Parents, think about it…with an at-home session, your fridge, pantry, changing table, closet are all RIGHT THERE. Little Joey is cranky, grab a banana. Susie runs and falls in the mud? Go grab her a new pair of pants! Baby Liam has a surprise blowout? A closet full of options!

family photos taking place at home and on sidewalk
family sits on front porch for family photo session in the summer

4. Your Home Is Not Seasonal

That park down the road that everyone’s raving about the Autumn colors at is at its peak for approximately….7-14 days. One to two unpredictable weeks of dates that depend on the weather, the wind and whether a storm comes through. Trying to hit that peak of the Autumn goodness can cause families a lot of stress. Using your home as a backdrop takes the seasonality out of it. The indoors of your home is warm and cozy and sheltered from elements when need be. In the warm months, we can use both indoors and outdoors. In the Winter, we can do outdoor pictures quickly and then have a warm space to defrost and continue. Whether your home is minimalistic or decked out for the holidays, I will use it to its best advantages.

family snuggles toddler boy next to blooming bush in summertime

5. Timing Is More Flexible

One of the biggest complaints I get from potential clients is my refusal to be more flexible with the times for my outdoor sessions. I shoot at/around sunrise and at/around sunset because those golden hour times are the most flattering light. Light is too harsh before/after these periods, especially in more open locations like parks/fields/farms/city streets. The not-so-great part is that golden hour from about March-October coincides with small childrens’ bedtimes/witching hours. While most kids handle outdoor sessions during these times *just fine*, they might not be quite as easy-going or cheery as they are at 11:00AM. Shooting in your home allows us to shoot during non-ideal times midday. If indoor and outdoor pictures are your goal, we can talk about times that can straddle that ideal indoor/outdoor light so we can make the most of both!

family takes yearly photos at victorian home
family photos taken at an outdoor park in june

What do you think? Is your family’s yearly photoshoot destined to be an at-home session in 2020? Let’s chat about making that happen!

XO- Lyndsay

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