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At my newborn sessions, I get the privilege of photographing families of all shapes and sizes.

As a Framingham newborn photographer, one of the most common concerns that second and third time moms have is: how will you get the big siblings to cooperate during our newborn session?? Having a new baby can be a heck of a lot of change for big siblings to handle. It can derail routines, cause sleep interruptions… and well, an increased amount of tantrums. It’s inevitable and understandable that your older kiddos will have a hard time with this transition. As a lifestyle newborn photographer and a mom of three young boys, it is part of my job to make all your kiddos feel comfortable.

little boy holds his head in his hands while mother nurses baby sister framingham newborn photographer

But my kids have been bouncing off the walls since I brought their new sibling home! Will my photographer know how to handle them?

Trust me, I know how stressful this feels. I have brought my first and second son home a sibling- much to their dismay! Here are four tips/tricks to get big siblings on board.

images of a baby girl laying on white bed during newborn session in framingham

1. Have your newborn session at home.

Likely if you’re here on my blog, you’ve already decided to have an in-home session. Congratulations! You are one step closer to having the best outcome possible for your big kids’ cooperation. Kids are most comfortable in their own homes. Not only does home have snacks and toys, but it has a calming/familiar feeling. We hired a newborn photographer to come to our home in Framingham and I am so glad we did. When my kids were bored or feeling crazy, they had the option to run around our home or go take a break in the playroom.

black and white image of big brothers kissing baby sister during newborn pics
mom sits on bed holding newborn daughter during baby photos

2. Have snacks ready!

One of the biggest benefit of being at home for your session is access to your kitchen. All moms know that low blood sugar means wild kiddos. Snack breaks are essential! In-home sessions are relaxed and allow plenty of time for snack breaks for both your newborn and your big kids.

family of five sits on couch and snuggles during newborn photo session in framingham
black and white images of newborn baby girls features during photo session

3. Let your kids be wild during the session.

Please don’t worry about your kids jumping, yelling, or running during our session! Not only am I used to this, it’s expected. The great thing about being in the comfort of your home is that it’s totally cool if they run away and do some yelling and jumping. I’ll use that time to capture Mama and baby, baby alone, or nursery details.

mom holds baby girl while laying on white bed during newborn pictures

4. Try not to stress about their participation.

I know this is a tough one. When you see your child acting out or being wild, it feels triggering as a parent. The more you can force yourself to relax about it, the less your child will feed off your anxiety. I conduct my sessions in a very relaxed way that is very low pressure for kids. For the toddler big sibling, I try to play games. Asking them to hold still and hold their sibling is probably not going to happen. But tickling the baby’s foot? Finding their belly button? Smelling their head to see if it’s stinky? These light-hearted activities typically win over the toughest 2 year old! For older kids, a special treat is always a good incentive ;).

black and white portrait of newborn in diaper laying on bed

XO – Lyndsay, a Framingham Newborn Photographer

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