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What exactly am I looking for in an ideal wedding client?

As a mother of young children/babies, it works best for my current lifestyle to be very selective about the number and type of full length weddings I take on each year. My magic number is around five in a calendar year. That ideal number will vary widely based on the photographer! Because I limit the amount I take on, I like to get to know each client on a more personal level so that I feel totally confident that I know what they value having pictures of on their wedding day. I want to know that their dog is super important to them. To be confident that they like my natural/candid style. Be informed that their super-creative sister made all their signs and favors. Or to be told they don’t care about having pictures of XYZ but value golden hour pictures.

ideal wedding client on a farm outside of boston

Since I only take on approximately five weddings a year, I like to be selective with the brides I market myself to. If I love the couple I am photographing, I have a great time. When a photographer is relaxed and inspired, that’s when the magic happens! It’s so important to make sure everyone is on the same page with their goals. So let’s talk about some things that I look for in my ideal couple:

1. My Ideal Wedding Client Is Not Afraid To Show Emotion

family laughing together at wedding

It’s no secret that I value emotions in my photography. Laughter, romance, tears…I love it all. This doesn’t mean that you have to mean that I am only looking for clients that are the life of the party. It means that you value showing each other that you’re in love. You greet your family and friends with hugs. You value sentimentality. You’re not just going through the motions because you feel obligated to– you want to celebrate with your most valued people.

wedding ceremony emotions of couple
couple walks down gravel path together at a farm

2. They’re Planning Something Unique

This doesn’t mean that you’re getting married midair after skydiving. What I mean by this is that I love couples who are planning something a little bit different. Hotel ballroom and country club weddings are beautiful but they aren’t my “thing”. There are wedding photographers out there that are much better suited for this type of affair! As a photographer, I am very inspired by my surroundings and I love unique spaces that offer ample outdoor space. Give me all the farm, tent, mountain, hilltop, camp, and castle weddings!

couple gets married on a farm with goats

P.S. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be interested in a skydiving wedding….just saying.

wedding outdoor on benches under a tree
pull back of a farm tented wedding

3. They’re A *Little* Bit Relaxed

Let me first say that this doesn’t need to mean your wedding is not formal. What I mean by relaxed is that your main goal is to celebrate and have a great time. It’s not about the pomp and circumstance of the event for you and your partner. This might mean that you wear sneakers and jeans or have a taco truck for dinner. But it also might mean that you’re in a gown and stilettos but you can’t wait to kick them off and break it down on the dance floor.

taco truck at wedding
black and white image of groom twirling bride outdoors

4. They Value Photography

These seems like an obvious one but photography is not every couple’s priority. It is common for most couples to hire a photographer to capture the moments of their wedding day. For some, it’s one of those vendors you check off the list and move on. For others, the photography is one of the most important things they have to select. They recognize that once the day is over, photographs will be what they have to remember their special day. Having beautiful memories captured is high on their list. These are the couples I want to work with! I pour all of my energy into creating a beautiful legacy for my couples to look through over and over again as they relive their day and I want to work with those couples who are stoked about creating that visual legacy.

wedding couple portraits in the summer
family formal combinations in front of a white farmhouse wedding

5. My Ideal Wedding Client’s Venue Is Close(ish) to the Greater Boston Area

I am a (nursing) mom of small kids and I am not quite ready to travel for weddings yet! Maybe in a few years I will be ready, but for the moment I need my couples to be within 60-90 minutes driving distance like this Wright Locke Farm wedding.

couple runs up the hill at wright locke farm

Bonus Points

I give imaginary bonus points to my ideal wedding client if:

  • Your venue has animals
ideal wedding client has chickens eating tortillas from a food truck
  • Your guests aren’t afraid to get wet on a hot day.
wedding guest stands in mist from fan on a hot day
  • You have cool personalized details
  • Your dress allows you to move around well for movement-oriented photographs
lace dress hanging from tree on farm
  • You’re game for a first look so we have more time for portraits
an ideal wedding client does a first look with their dog
  • You have a unique space to get ready in!
bride getting ready in farmhouse storage area
  • You and your family are snuggly and emotive
an ideal wedding client loves their family with a kiss from mother of the bride
  • Your guests are a fun bunch!
guests enjoying cocktail hour
cocktail hour at a farm
happy wedding couple toasting guests
  • You’re ready to dance your tail off post-dinner
bride and groom doing fast first dance
ideal wedding client does choreographed dance with dad

Does this describe you and your partner? Let’s chat about getting you on my calendar next year!

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