Spring Bloom Family Photography Sessions in Boston

Do you have a favorite season for family photographs? For many Boston families, the Spring bloom time is ideal.

When families consider when to get their yearly photos taken, Autumn is often at the forefront of their minds. Fall in New England is pretty famous for its beautiful foliage. Because of leaf-peeping fame, Spring in Boston often gets overlooked. I am here to tell you that the Spring bloom is pretty darn amazing in its own right.

photographs of trees in bloom in the boston public garden

When Spring is in full bloom in Boston, it’s a sight to behold. An invigorating and welcome sign that the long, cold Winters are long behind us. The sun shines through the red, pink, and white blossoms and creates an air of magic in the city. While there are plenty of parks out in the suburbs of Boston with blooms, I prefer the Public Garden for maximum gorgeousness.

spring bloom in the boston public garden
tulips in bloom in the boston public garden

Not only is the Public Garden full of trees dripping with blossoms, there is an impressive array of tulips and other beautiful flowers.

Something about the serene atmosphere of the Garden in juxtaposition with the bustling city around it always makes me feel both relaxed and excited at the same time.

family walks down a city street in boston during photo session
family photographs in the spring bloom season

This particular family had a very special connection to the Public Garden. Many years ago, they got engaged in this very park while on a trip. It was a nostalgic experience to return to the very spot with their son on his first trip to Boston. We met at the famous statue of the ducklings and then wandered around chatting and exploring all that Boston had to offer. Doing sessions for families who are on vacation is a blast for me. I get to be a photographer with a splash of tour guide in our beautiful city.

family sits in the middle of the boston garden during their photo session
family in boston in spring getting pictures taken

The moral of my story is: consider a Spring family photography session in 2020! Not only do photographers have more availability in the Spring than in September and October, it’s beautiful. Plus, it’s fun to mix up the season of your family pictures from year to year!

family sitting on steps during boston photography session
family photography in the city of boston

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