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couple kisses in the doorway of a little red house

Is there a better time for an engagement session than sunset? I think not.

At sunset, the light is warm and romantic and the golden glow gives everyone’s face that candlelit look. Golden hour can transform the most mundane weedy field into a magical backdrop. While I have my favorite go-to spots for good light in the Boston area, I had the pleasure of checking out an entirely new spot for this engagement session. You see, this beautiful couple just happens to be my sister and future brother-in-law!

couple walks together in sunset field having their picture taken

Every year, my family tries to take a Summer vacation together at one large rental home. This year, we were in the gorgeous town of Woodstock, Vermont. Our rental property was a farmhouse on 100 acres that provided the ideal backdrop for our planned engagement session. We had the major benefit of being there all week so we could hand-select a beautifully sunny evening. My sister lives in Texas so we facetimed a bit before to select outfits. I adore a good boho-style dress to add to the romance of a sunset photoshoot!

We are not photogenic, I don’t think an engagement shoot is a good fit for us.

Do you know how often my couples tell me this? Nearly 100% of the time. I think naturally photogenic couples are like unicorns. They might exist in nature, but no one really knows for sure…Most people, unless you are a professional model, are uncomfortable in front of the camera. It’s my job to loosen you up, choose good angles, and photograph you in the best way that I can.

black and white portrait of couple laughing during engagement photos

Do you think they got themselves into this adorable snuggly pose? No. I told them where to stand and told them to rub noses together. Which is a silly and awkward thing to do, resulting in genuine laughter!

engaged couple snuggles at sunset during photo shoot

What would we need engagement session photos for anyways? We are not formal people.

People use engagement photos on social media, to print on your walls and to make a beautiful photo book for your shelves. My children adore looking back at photo albums of their parents pre-kids and I guarantee yours will too. And you know what? Even if you never print them, and never use them anywhere, I still recommend doing it. Not only does it allow you and your photographer to get to know each other before the wedding, it allows you to practice what it feels like being in front of a camera. Many couples have never had a formal photo shoot prior to their engagement session!

couple sits on ground in field during engagement photo shoot

Luckily, these two are VERY comfortable with me since we are family. They’ve also been accustomed to my camera over the years, most recently during their surprise proposal story. Needless to say, I am pretty stoked to photograph their wedding in January.

Wait, whaaaaat? You’re photographing your own sister’s wedding?

Yup, I sure am! I get a lot of shocked looks when I mention this. People want to know how on earth I could enjoy a wedding while also photographing it??

close up picture of couple holding hands with engagement ring at sunset

First, her wedding is going to be very relaxed and casual. There is not a bridal party but there WILL be tacos for dinner and a donut food truck for dessert. Secondly, as the photographer, I get to spend the whole day with her! I get basically a front row seat to everything. Because she is my sister, I don’t have the same nerves that I would have for another client. She also won’t care if I have a drink or taco in one hand and my camera in the other. Because let’s be honest, that will DEFINITELY be happening. So you bet I will be enjoying the party, and socializing with family and friends. And also doing what I love at the same time– documenting memories!

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