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What Exactly is a Personal Branding Session?

This is the digital age for small business owners. Potential consumers can find out what someone sells, what they look like, where they live, and what other people think about them before purchasing a single item. As an entrepreneur, what does your personal brand say about you? What would someone think if they looked at the content on your website and social media? Are you giving the right voice to your brand? This is where a personal branding session comes into play.

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Digital Marketing Is Visual

Yes, I am a photographer. Yes, I probably value photos more than the average person. However, studies show that consumers buy with their eyes first. Shoppers are visual! Will your business fail if you do not have professional photos taken? Maybe, maybe not. Will your business look more professional which will ultimately lead to more sales? Studies say yes. A cohesive brand gives you and your product a voice. It tells your consumer who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Businesses who have gone through a personal branding session have a look throughout their products that their clients can recognize and come to expect. It gives a peace of mind that people will know what they are getting when they buy from you.

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What Types of Photos Do You Take In a Personal Branding Session?

Small business branding sessions are a little bit of everything. My goal is to capture your WHAT (the product), your WHERE (where do you create this product?), your WHO (your face), and your HOW (let’s see you create this!). My clients love their lifestyle headshots and product shots for their websites. You might initially think it’s strange that I want to take pictures of where you’re working and how you’re doing your job but clients love to see this. Behind-the-scenes and process shots do better on social media than product images. This is because clients want to feel connected to you and your brand. The more they feel like they know you, the more they buy into you as a whole.

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What if my business is not visually interesting?

It’s true, LinoCave and Folly Some Prints have a pretty darn stunning hand block printing craft. There’s nothing quite like photographing something so visually appealing! However, not all entrepreneurs have a visual product and that’s okay too. If clients are interested in the behind-the-scenes of my camera equipment and why I do what I do, I promise they’ll be interested in yours! Together we will discuss how to photograph you and your business in its best light (pun intended). Whether your workspace is your basement, a cubicle, or an adorable store front, I want to hear your story and so does your following.

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Let’s chat about giving your business a professional and cohesive voice!

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