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Families booking in-home newborn photography most commonly ask what to wear for their session.

What to wear for your newborn session feels like an overwhelming detail for most pregnant or new mamas. They’re usually thinking about it while nine months pregnant and feeling swollen and uncomfortable. Or just after giving birth while juggling a newly post-partum body and a newborn baby.

family sits on bed holding newborn baby in natick

To ease some of that anxiety, I wanted to offer five tips when considering what to wear for your newborn session.

1. For The New Mama: Choose Something Comfortable

Mamas, now is not the time to try to squeeze into your jeans. Even maternity jeans can feel very uncomfortable in those first few weeks after birth! I recommend a few different options. Dresses are great- both maxi and A-Line knee length dresses flatter without clinging and don’t rub against any sore areas. Another great option is comfortable leggings with a nice tunic. A third suggestion is leggings with a tank and long cardigan. I love the neutral color of the dress that this Mama chose as well as the button detail down the front. Buttons photograph well plus make accessibility for nursing photographs a cinch!

family of five with three girls sits on bed with newborn baby
black and white newborn photos in natick session

2. Put Dad In Something Relaxed and Casual

Many dads think: photography session = formal. Out comes the button down shirt and sometimes even a suit jacket. While I can appreciate getting a little dressed up for family photographs, I don’t recommend doing this for your newborn session. In-home newborn sessions have a relaxed, cozy vibe. You’re snuggling with your family on your bed and couch, admiring your new baby. A button-down on Dad can look, well….too stiff and formal. What does look great on Dad? A nice crew neck t-shirt, jeans or casual shorts like this dad wore. Wear what you would wear on a relaxed Sunday morning with your family.

girls jumping on the bed during newborn photographs
what to wear for newborn photos example family

3. Keep It Neutral

When dressing for your in-home newborn session, I highly recommend dressing your family in mostly neutrals. While I appreciate a good pattern for outdoor venues, indoors is the time to get subtle. Why is this? Because most homes have a lot of color and pattern built in to your home design and you don’t want to compete…you want to complement. The home in these photographs was a show-stopper of neutral colors and could’ve easily handled a bolder pattern but most homes do not have quite as neutral of a palate. Old Navy, Gap, H+M, and Target are my favorite stores to get affordable neutral pieces for both you and your kids.

baby girl in pink romper lying on white bed for pictures

4. What To Wear for Your Newborn

This baby girl stole the show with her adorable pink onesie with a subtle polka dot pattern. For newborns, I recommend soft colors or neutrals in a well-fitting onesie. I know everyone tells you not to buy newborn sized outfits because they grow out of them quickly. Your newborn session is the exact moment you want those newborn sized items. Clothing that is too big can look bulky and overwhelm your new babe. I recommend staying away from reds and yellows as they can highlight/enhance newborn skin imperfections.

swaddled newborn lays in crib while big sister peeks through bars
newborn girl sleeps on white bedspread during newborn session

5. Ditch the Shoes….and Socks!

This goes back to the vibe of in-home newborn sessions. No one hangs around their home in their shoes (usually, anyways) while relaxing with their family. While some people do wear socks indoors, I recommend bare feet. Yay, one less thing to worry about or coordinate! Why bare feet? Because socks just look a little strange. They are bright white and typically not an attractive item of clothing.

For some reason, it’s always Dad that feels weird about taking off his socks. Dads, I promise your feet won’t be on display! Bare feet blend into the photographs nicely and read as a neutral body part.

big sisters hold new baby on couch with large dog during family photos

I hope these five tips helped any new mamas out there wondering what to wear for your newborn session! Any additional questions? Comment below!

family sits on couch in living room with new baby daughter and large dog

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